Food Processors

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Powering your production: Keep costs low and reliability high

In a global competitive market, food processors need to keep costs down. Unreliable power infrastructure in developing countries and remote areas, however, means businesses have to rely on expensive diesel generators to maintain business-as-usual.

Redavia rental solar power offers such businesses a low-cost solution that results in immediate savings. Our rental solar plants integrate with existing diesel generators to create a hybrid power system. This system continues to be able to produce power 24/7, but with significant reduction of fuel consumption and costs.

Operational Flexibility and Capital Efficiency

By adding Redavia solar power to their existing systems, food processors keep fuel consumption and unit power cost low so that harvests can be processed quickly, reliably, and cost-efficiently.

Furthermore, Redavia’s contracts are flexible, so that clients can continue to benefit from savings from solar. This allows for adaptability in a changing landscape as businesses and sectors change and grow.

Case Study: Poultry Farm in Tanzania