Can I change to solar and power my entire operation from pV?

– No. Redavia solar pV only supplements the existing power that is available on site.

– Up to 50% of the power can be supplemented by Redavia Solar

– Redavia requires an electrical signal either from the generator or from the grid.

PLEASE NOTE: Redavia is trialling leasing solar-battery systems, which will change this. Stay tuned!


What does Redavia cost?

This will depend on the size and duration of the contract. Once we have received technical information from the client Redavia will make a commercial proposal to the client for the site. This commercial proposal offers the client cost savings compared to the use of  diesel power.


Can I buy the Redavia plant?

At the current time Redavia solar plants are for rental only.


Can I buy the Redavia plant after the contract term?

Under certain circumstances, Redavia can offer a lease purchase option for plants.


Will Redavia be cheaper than the grid?

This will depend on the grid and the country.


What are the operations and maintenance costs of Redavia?

All O&M costs are covered by the rental fee.


What happens at the end of the contract?

If the client does not want the system to remain on site, Redavia will remove it. Alternatively, the contract can be extended to suit the clients‘ requirements at 90-days notice.


Can I install Redavia on my roof space?

No. Redavia systems are exclusively for installation on the ground.


Can I feed excess power that I produce into the grid?

In general, power generated by an individual cannot be back-fed into the grid unless a license has been granted via a net metering or feed in tariff for this purpose.



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