Mongolia landscape

A Financial and Environmental Win-Win

Emerging and frontier markets face a unique power infrastructure challenge. Around 1.6 billion people globally do not have access to reliable power, and many of those who do have access, face daily power outages. On-site or mini-grid diesel generators are often used to plug the gap, despite their almost prohibitive power costs and significant CO2 emissions.

Redavia’s Rental Solar Power offers a pragmatic, convenient solution to provide cleaner, more cost-effective power to communities and businesses. Redavia’s Rental Solar Power supplements diesel generators, reducing reliance on diesel power during day-time, reducing diesel fuel consumption and creating net savings vs. a diesel-only power system of typically around 20-30%.

Of course, Redavia’s Rental Solar Power also creates a corresponding carbon emission reduction.

Pre-financed Rental Solar Farms

Lack of access to reliable power is widely considered to be the main drag on economic development in developing frontier and emerging markets. Still, traditional project-finance for large-scale power infrastructure has not met the challenge, mainly because it is available only to large projects, only with long-term off-take agreements and only with the largest, most stable off-takers. This has left the vast majority of small and medium communities and businesses literally in the dark.

Redavia Rental Solar Power offers a new way to provide clean energy access for small and medium communities and businesses in developing and frontier markets. Because Redavia can redeploy its solar farms, off-take agreements can be shorter, effectively mitigating off-taker credit risk, and enabling market-based financing of solar farms, leased to medium-sized communities and businesses, who are currently managing without clean energy access.

In this way, Redavia’s customers enjoy clean energy access, at reduced cost and reduced emissions.