Solar panel installed

Redavia Rental Solar Power

Redavia rents out containerized, redeployable solar farms to communities and industrial operations in remote areas and developing countries. The farms supplement diesel-generated energy with low-cost power on short-term contracts that can be extended to meet needs.


The rental solar farms are preassembled, so when they arrive on-site they can be built with a fraction of the labor and time needed by traditional solar farms. When a project’s need for solar power is over, the farm is retrieved in its entirety and at no extra charge, to be moved on to the next project.

Hybrid operation 

Redavia’s solar farms include smart integration of solar power into existing or new on-site diesel generation power systems. They are monitored and controled to ensure optimal operation and savings throughout the entire system.

Operations and Maintenance 

As well as turnkey solar farm deployment and complete farm removal, Redavia’s service includes full operations and maintenance. This includes regular maintenance and unexpected interventions, and is supported by Redavia’s specially selected and trained network of contractors.