The REDAVIA Academy is a premier upskilling and training facility for solar farms, geared towards local partners, entrepreneurs and community members, who wish to work for and with REDAVIA to provide the best-in-class solar energy services.

Our modular solar system can be swiftly deployed with the right know-how. REDAVIA provides unique training for the unique challenges that African businesses and communities face daily.

At the REDAVIA Academy, graduates learn how to install and maintain REDAVIA solar farms to ensure reliable and efficient energy flow to African businesses and communities that need power.

Academy Goals and Objectives

Academy Mission

The REDAVIA Academy is dedicated to deliver the best possible services to our clients and to contribute to the social development of countries where REDAVIA is present, by building competences for local professionals.

Layered Training

The entire program is built around a layered-training model aimed at advancing trainees from basic knowledge to advanced skills in various areas. This type of approach ensures that all skills gaps are filled to guarantee superior customer service from everyone involved in the REDAVIA business system.
The various program modules at the REDAVIA Academy range from half-day to week-long training sessions hosted by REDAVIA professionals wherever REDAVIA does business.