Cost-Leadership in Remote Mining

Remote mining operations face a unique power infrastructure challenge. Cost-effective and reliable power are mission-critical for safe, stable and profitable resource production. Where reliable grid power is unavailable, miners usually rely on-site diesel generators, despite their increasingly prohibitive power cost.

Redavia’s Rental Solar Power supplements on-site diesel generators, reducing reliance on diesel power during day-time, reducing diesel fuel consumption and creating net savings vs. a diesel-only power system of typically around 20-30%.

Rental Solar power for Operational Flexibility and Capital Efficiency

The resources sector is dynamic and always-changing. Operational flexibility, including scaling operations up or down within months, is essential for mining power infrastructure. Uncertainty and capital constraints also require discipline when deploying capital into fixed plant and equipment.

Redavia Rental Solar Power uniquely provides this operational-flexibility and capital efficiency by offering cost-effective solar power on a flexible rental basis. Redavia’s customers incur no capital outlay and enjoy industry-leading, flexible off-take-contract durations.

Redavia’s Unique Capabilities in Rental Solar Power

Redavia’s proprietary Fast Track Solar technology enables Redavia to provide solar power on terms which are tailored for these unique mining sector requirements. Redavia’s unique redeployable solar farm technology achieves 60% lower cost of solar farm re-deployment. Through unique industry partnerships, Redavia has also amassed unique capabilities in ensuring unquestioned reliability in solar-diesel hybrid operation of generators. We are proud and eager to use our unique know-how to drive efficiency in the resources sector.