REDAVIA Fast Track Solar 80 Compact (FTS-80C)

The FTS-80C is REDAVIA’s premier solar farm solution. The system is completely pre-assembled by REDAVIA with all components when delivered to site. The FTS-80C is then installed on unobstructed level ground by REDAVIA’s trained installation team and connected to the client‘s grid for immediate operation.

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Module Structure FTS-80C

300 Solar Panels

Each Unit is organized in 16 rows of up to 19 panels, with 8 strings connected to each inverter.

Inverter Stand

Purpose built roofed inverter stand with 2 inverters, factory-mounted and cabled, with electrical and communication distribution boards and fully integrated cable management.

Ground space requirements

Per Unit:
~40 x 30 m, orientation to suit site

Per MW:
80 x 180 m

Additional components included

  • DC wiring
  • Grounding and lightning protection components
  • Data collection
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Concrete ballast blocks
  • Deployment tools

Quality Assured.

As a fully standardized, manufactured and product-certified solar farm product, REDAVIA’s FTS-80C reaches consistent quality standards unmatched by traditionally constructed solar farms. Product compliance with all relevant international standards has been certified by a recognized independent quality control institute. The original certificate is available upon request. In combination with an energy storage system, REDAVIA’s tried-and-tested system controllers and grid and/or diesel generator backup if required, the FTS-80C forms a 24/7 reliable electricity supply system, delivering clean and highly affordable electricity anywhere.


The Energy Storage Module stores additional solar energy that is not needed during the day so it can be used at night or during low irradiation days, thereby enabling a higher solar energy penetration overall. This module supports a solar-diesel hybrid system and can also provide backup power supply in case of grid outages.