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REDAVIA Fast Track Solar 80 (FTS-80)

The FTS-80 is REDAVIA’s premier solar farm solution. All system components are completely pre-assembled and quality-assured by REDAVIA. The system is then flat-packed into one ISO-standard 40 ft container. Once containerized, the FTS-80 is easily transported to site, installed on an unobstructed level ground and connected to the client‘s grid for immediate operation.

Download datasheet fts-80c (new product)


The Cloud Prediction Module observes the sky in real-time using a state-of-the-art system designed to detect and predict approaching clouds and trigger action on the plant controller with the aim to ensure grid stability. This module allows for higher photovoltaic energy penetration in the local power grid, even without energy storage.


The Energy Storage Module stores additional solar energy that is not needed during the day so it can be used at night or during low irradiation days, thereby enabling a higher solar energy penetration overall. This module supports a solar-diesel hybrid system and can also provide back-up power supply in case of grid outages.


The Minigrid Module comes as a containerized low-voltage distribution network kit, containing all required components including conductor cables, pole accessories, smart metering, and optionally home-wiring packs. Each containerized network kit is packed and customized, using REDAVIA’s proprietary digital minigrid-engineering tool, and low-cost supply chain capability. Just add locally-sourced network poles to provide scalable new energy access to rural communities.

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