By CEO Erwin Spolders

As 2018 wraps up, the REDAVIA team was happy to finish the year with our largest deal to date in Ghana. Special Ice, Ghana’s leading beverage manufacturing company, signed a contract for nine solar units and a total of 756 kWp at their factory in the Oyarifa district in Accra, which will represent REDAVIA’s largest solar farm in Ghana to date.

We are very proud to end the year on such a high note.  REDAVIA has been working hard all year to gain the trust of businesses in Ghana, and this deal confirms the benefit of solar power and its impact to the bottom line of growing companies like Special Ice.

The team in Ghana will use this momentum to carry us into 2019 with a strong start. As I have discussed already, we are in the middle of a perfect storm for solar power, and we are excited to see what we will achieve in the new year.