By CEO Erwin Spolders

REDAVIA has spent a year and a half in Ghana, and we’ve formed partnerships with businesses in various sectors, ranging from educational institutions like Regional Maritime University to multinational corporations like SGS and Red Sea Housing.

Ghana is blessed with abundant solar resources, and solar energy can have a huge impact on the country’s growth and development. But despite that abundance, less than 2% of Ghana’s energy mix comes from solar so Redavia helps businesses leverage the sun to generate their electricity demand and be more environmentally friendly at the same time.

With plenty of opportunities left for solar in Ghana, we expanded the REDAVIA team at our office in Accra this July. We hired experienced, senior Ghanaians to form our team of four new Sales Directors, one Sales Support Manager, and another Application Engineer in order to ramp up our engagement with businesses in Ghana. We now have seven Ghanaians leading the charge to providing clean, affordable power to their country.

I am excited to have these new Redavians on board, and I look forward to the business growth and environmental impact that they will help us to achieve.