Redavia awarded Shanta Mining expansion project

2017-11-07T10:08:54+00:00 November 21, 2016 |Press Release|

21 November 2016, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Redavia, Tanzania’s largest ground-mount solar company, announced today that it has been awarded the contract to expand the solar capacity at the New Luika Gold Mine by Shanta Mining Company Limited. The expansion project is the second phase of a two-phased process to increase New Luika’s solar hybridization use. Increased solar energy use at the plant will provide a low-cost, flexibly-contracted solar power service, which reduces fuel cost and offers the off grid mine a reliable, renewable energy solution. “We are pleased to continue working with Shanta Mining, collaborating on a project that not only reduces their operational costs, but their carbon footprint as well”, said Erwin Spolders, CEO of Redavia.

CEO of Redavia, Erwin Spolders (left) and CEO of Shanta Mining Company, Toby Bradbury (right) signing solar expansion project contract for New Luika Gold Mine.

“The first phase of the Shanta project started two years ago and has delivered according to the original projections.”, explains Spolders.  “Our focus has always been and continues to be, to deliver cost-effective, reliable, & clean solar energy to our clients and we are happy that Shanta is reaping the benefits of employing solar-hybridization technology at their plant in Tanzania”, added Spolders.

Solar hybridization for off-grid mines is becoming more and more prevalent because of the increased awareness and understanding of its benefits which include:

  • A more reliable and sustainable energy source
  • A reduction in operational costs, fuel consumption and fuel logistics
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions which reduces negative environmental impact

“Redavia was awarded the New Luika Gold Mine expansion contract for three key reasons”, explains Toby Bradbury, CEO of Shanta. “Firstly, the company’s technical offer was sound. The Shanta engineers could clearly appreciate the technical benefit of working with Redavia’s redeployable solar farms. Secondly, the experienced team of professionals at Redavia displayed a profound understanding of what we wanted and the challenges we face as an off grid mine. They were able to answer all the questions that we had as well as systematically laying out what the process of expansion would be”, added Bradbury. “Lastly, the commercial offer was competitive and it made clear financial sense to award them the contract. We look forward to our continued work with the Redavia team”, concluded Bradbury.

Facts and figures on the plant expansion project

The new 609 kW plant will produce around 943 950 kWh per year and this is in addition to the 63kW that was installed as a pilot plant in 2014.  The current 63 kW plant produces around 95,750 kWh per year, but once the new plant is up and running, it will produce an estimated 1 040 000 kWh per year.  Below are more technical specs about the capacity of the plant:

  • Each year the plant will supply on average more than 1,500 kWh’s per kWp.
  • The current estimated fuel saving at the plant is 28 000 liters of fuel per year, which will increase to around 250 000 liters in Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 CO2 savings are estimated at 350 tons per year.

Work on the expansion project has already begun and will continue into 2017.

About Redavia Solar

Redavia offers remote off-grid businesses reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy to reduce the cost and emissions of diesel generators through a unique hybrid solar energy alternative. Our mission is to help businesses become environmentally responsible cost-leaders without them having to incur the upfront investment cost of solar adoption.

As the leader of redeployable, rental solar farms in Africa, Redavia uses innovative, modular, and quick-to-deploy solutions. Our flexible rental agreements allow companies to avoid the upfront costs and long term commitments of solar use, and makes solar power a realistic and feasible solution to high energy costs.

Redavia provides a comprehensive solution, from turn-key solar farm installation, maintenance, and complete removal of the farm. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


About Shanta Mining Company Limited

Shanta Mining Company Limited is a wholly subsidiary of Shanta Gold which is an East Africa-focused gold producer, developer and explorer. It currently has defined ore resources on the New Luika and Singida projects in Tanzania and holds exploration licences over a number of additional properties in the country. Shanta’s flagship New Luika Gold Mine commenced production in 2012 and produced 81,873 ounces in 2015. The Company is admitted to trading on London’s AIM and has approximately 583 million shares in issue. For further information please visit:

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