By CEO Erwin Spolders

I’ve already written about how rental solar has many advantages: adjustable term contracts, portability of the solar farm, and access to remote locations. All businesses can benefit from these aspects of rental solar, but the value of this flexibility is particularly evident for customers with remote, transitory operations.

REDAVIA recently formed a partnership with one such customer. Red Sea Housing Services(RSHS), a global leader for modular living and working environments for industrial and residential communities, chose REDAVIA to implement its first showcase solar farm in Accra, Ghana.

RSHS designs, plans, produces, manages and operates industrial temporary housing solutions in more than 65 countries. Flexibility is a key component of RSHS’s business model and therefore a primary reason they chose to partner with REDAVIA.

REDAVIA can provide solar energy on flexible 5-10 year term contracts that complement RSHS’s temporary housing solutions. REDAVIA’s solar farms can also be redeployed during the contract term, and REDAVIA has experience deploying to remote locations.

With such a synergistic partnership, REDAVIA and RSHS are already looking forward to other creative joint ventures. Down the line, RSHS intends to sell a packaged solution of their modular housing coupled with solar power from REDAVIA. I’m excited to see what other innovative ideas spring from this partnership in the future.