Redavia Academy Graduates First Certified Solar Professional

2017-10-25T16:17:04+00:00 November 30, 2016 |Press Release|

29 November 2016, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – Redavia, provider of the best-in-class solar energy services, is proud to announce the launch of The Redavia Academy – a premier upskilling and training facility for local partners, community members and entrepreneurs in Tanzania. The Academy is another initiative from Redavia, aimed at empowering local people with the skills needed to facilitate both business and community development. Graduates will learn how to install and maintain Redavia solar farms to ensure reliable and efficient energy flow to the off-grid businesses and communities that need power. Redavia’s vision is to bring forward universal energy access by several decades, by providing a platform for accelerated scaling up of off-grid solar. This will be comprised of:

Operations Director at Redavia, Stewart Reed (left) congratulates the first Redavia Academy graduate, Meleku Mshana (right)
  • A mass-produced solar farm, providing a complete power service to businesses and communities,
  • A scaled-up financing vehicle, enabling risk-mitigated, low-cost solar farm leasing to rural businesses and communities,
  • An online operational platform which enables exponential scaling of funders, end-users, and local certified technicians.

The Redavia Academy is the vehicle that will facilitate the exponential scaling of local certified technicians wherever Redavia does business. This exponential scaling of local certified technicians will be achieved by:

  1. Creating a strong community of reliable sales agents, installation and maintenance contractors growing as professionals, while promoting Redavia systems in their regions
  2. Involving more than 90% of course certified participants in at least one Redavia activity related to their certificate to provide the best customer experience in the countries where Redavia is established.
  3. Providing the best local training and skills transfer to develop capabilities in the solar systems area

Erwin Spolders, CEO of Redavia says: “we are pleased to be playing a part in enabling rural electricification in Tanzania to unlock the talents of the Tanzanian workforce.”

As a fast-growing market leader of rental solar power solutions for off-grid businesses and communities in East Africa, Redavia promotes advanced, responsible, and efficient use of solar energy and continually strives for excellence and reliability, outstanding service and flexibility, and unbeatable value-for-money.

To enrol for courses, visit the visit the Academy page under our About section for more information.

About Redavia Solar

Redavia offers remote off-grid businesses reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy to reduce the cost and emissions of diesel generators through a unique hybrid solar energy alternative. Our mission is to help businesses become environmentally responsible cost-leaders without them having to incur the upfront investment cost of solar adoption.

As the leader of redeployable, rental solar farms in Africa, Redavia uses innovative, modular, and quick-to-deploy solutions. Our flexible rental agreements allow companies to avoid the upfront costs and long term commitments of solar use, and makes solar power a realistic and feasible solution to high energy costs.

Redavia provides a comprehensive solution, from turn-key solar farm installation, maintenance, and complete removal of the farm. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn

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