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About Redavia

About Redavia

Redavia offers remote off-grid businesses reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy to reduce the cost and emissions of diesel generators. Our mission is to help businesses become environmentally responsible cost-leaders by offering solar power in a way that works for them.

As the leader of re-deployable, rental solar farms in Africa, Redavia uses modular and quick-to-deploy solutions. Our flexible rental agreements allow our customers to conserve capital for their core businesses and retain full operational flexibility to adapt to market changes. These advantages make Redavia's rental solar power a reliable, proven and common sense solution for reducing energy costs.

Redavia provides a comprehensive solution, including turn-key solar farm installation, maintenance, and complete removal of the farm. Our containerized solar farms include every component needed to build the farm from start to finish. During operation, Redavia guarantees seamless integration with existing diesel generators. When we pack up, nothing is left behind on - or in - the ground.

Redavia is widely recognized as the leader of bringing solar to remote business in Africa, for example by receiving the Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in 2016 and the United Nations Lighthouse Activity Award in 2013.

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